Choose Your Seat, Grow Your Name
A call for ❲fine❳ artists, aiming to increase the recognition of their name
name, reputation, title, moniker
comprising a number of parts


Nomplex provides a novel way for visual artists and performing artists to expose their name and art to people worldwide, who seek to find new art, to discover new talent, and whose choices often shine a light on creators and performers of fine art.
Painters, sculptors, drawing artists, mixed‑media artists, and classical music performers are the light of this artist assembly. On the other hand, we invite art buyers, collectors, curators, musical directors, and art aficionados to come to this space to meet new talent, and help shape the art scene through their choices.
Artists (beyond the student years) in any of the above disciplines who have a portfolio of their own, accessible online, are qualified to get a seat on the Nomplex, and expose their art in all corners of the world. To be part of this assembly, you are invited to
your seat.


With your seat reservation, you will be discoverable immediately on the home page of You will have 3, 6, or 9 months of exclusive right to occupy your chosen seat within
the Nomplex
. With that, three images of your artwork or images of significance that you provide will be displayed on your seat, along with your artist name and short lead‑in note, rotating in sequence. A click on this rotating sequence takes the viewer to your own website or profile on the Internet that you designate, and presents your work or the message you wish to convey.
Each seat on the Nomplex is hoverable as well as searchable — in fact, hovering on a seat enlarges the contents of that seat, and triggers the rotating sequence described above.


Nowadays, browsing a website on mobile devices is commonplace, and is particularly important when reputation is at stake. So, we took assurances that everybody can have a fine view, on just about any mobile device, of who you are and what you offer.


A powerful way for website visitors to find an artist is using the category search. Just as well, a keyword search could draw the visitor’s attention to your profile. For that reason, carefully selecting your keywords after reserving your seat will enhance the chances that art aficionados find you. In addition, the real‑time search function will display your name as well, when a visitor is searching for a name or keyword with similar spelling.


A unique aspect of this assembly is that your visibility as an artist might grow even when a visitor is looking for another artist — because hovering over the Nomplex inevitably enlarges various seats. In fact, being in the same assembly with artists of great repute may also positively influence yours.


People have a variety of reasons for their choice of seats at special events — just as importantly, you might have your choice of ideal location within the Nomplex. Seats are on a first‑come‑first‑serve basis, but there is a good chance to get a seat within the neighborhood that suits your taste. Still, each location within the the assembly has its own advantages, depending on your objectives.
As seen on the Nomplex map, your images can be enclosed in a variety of shapes (circle, oval, square or rectangle with or without rounded corners) along with different background and border colors — all of which is designed to provide options. If your ideal shape or color is no longer available in the neighborhood of your choice, we might consider a special request (as long as the same shape doesn't overwhelm that neighborhood).
You can make your choice
to display your art to those who matter.