Choose Your Seat, Grow Your Name
A call for ❲fine❳ artists, aiming to increase the recognition of their name


Go to the
then, decide where you want to sit
You can do this by choosing a random seat, or by using any of a variety of methods.
Some people choose by color and image border shape, others use the website heat map principle, yet others follow their logic or instinct.
make your choice, and click
If you make your selection by visually choosing a seat, just hover over it, then click on that seat. If you choose by searching for a specific seat number in the search field, click the “Go to icon” button in the search results — it will take you to that seat.
verify, and buy
When the seat icon is enlarged, click on “RESERVE THIS SEAT” and complete your order.
occupy your seat
We’ll send you an email with instructions on how to provide your images and lead-in note you want displayed on your seat, as well as your keywords. We'll also provide other important information.
Enjoy your time on the Nomplex! We’ll be with you.