Choose Your Seat, Grow Your Name
A call for ❲fine❳ artists, aiming to increase the recognition of their name

Pre‑Registration Details

You are reserving a seat during the pre‑registration period. Therefore, your order will be fulfilled at the time goes live with full service, which is predicted to take place in the Fall‑Winter 2020/21. The exact date will be announced on, as well as on our Twitter handle @realnomplex.
As part of the pre‑registration offer, you receive the first month for free. Your price is calculated based on the time duration you choose to occupy your seat, then the equivalent of the first month’s price is deducted. This ‘first‑month‑free’ offer is valid only for the pre‑registration period, and will become void for any future registrations at the time this pre‑registration period ends.
You will receive an email (to the email address you provide on the order form) after the pre‑registration ends, and before goes live with full service, with instructions on how to upload the images that you wish your seat to display, and how to provide your keywords. That email may also include other essential information that you must follow in order for us to fulfill your reservation. Therefore, you are responsible for checking your email, and for following all instructions in a timely manner.
From the time you complete your order with payment, you have 72 hours to request a refund if you wish to change your mind. You may do so by filling out the form on the conatct page of this website. We encourage you, however, to contact us with any questions before you request a refund, so that we can discuss any details, and clarify any information, which may provide a perspective to you that you will find beneficial.
In the #20GrantsForArtists program, after each valid 100 (one‑hundred) seat registrations of 6‑month duration or longer, one registered artist will receive a grant for 500 US dollars. A maximum of 20 (twenty) grants are available, and are conditioned on valid registrations. The number of total grants to be issued will be determined after the pre‑registration period ends, will be based on the total number of “valid seat registrations”, and will be issued after Nomplex goes live with full service. Any artist may receive only one grant. The method of selection of the grantees will be determined after the pre‑registration ends; and may be decided to be a random selection or a selection based on elaborative process. We may ask registrants for additional information before the selection process takes place. For the purpose of this #20GrantsForArtists, “valid seat registration” or “valid registration” means any registration made by an artist who fulfills the criteria in the Terms & Conditions and in all terms of this website; the registration being a “confirmed registration” (as “confirmed registration” is defined above); the registration made for a minimum of 6‑month (six‑month) duration; the registration not refunded or reversed for any reason; the registered artist adhering to his/her obligation to facilitate the fulfillment of occupying his/her registered seat, and the registered artist begins his/her occupancy of that seat at the time Nomplex goes live with full service. All artists with a “valid seat registration” will be automatically enrolled in the #20GrantsForArtists program. Any artist wishing not to be enrolled should notify us by filling out and submitting the contact form on the Contact page of this website. Grants that are declined by the grantee, or can not be issued because the grantee does not respond or not provide valid information to facilitate the issuance of the grant, may or may not be re‑granted to another artist, as determined at the sole discretion of Nomplex. The #20GrantsForArtists program will automatically end at the end of the pre‑registration period. The program will issue any grants only if a minimum of 600 (six‑hundred) valid seat registrations are active at the time Nomplex goes live with full service; otherwise, the program becomes automatically void. Selection method information, as well as the grantees’ names (and possibly their disciplines and countries of residence) will be made public on Each grantee will also be notified by email.
At the time you submit the reservation form, you affirm that all information you provide in it is fully representative of the truth. We reserve the right to reject or reverse your order if we find that your persona or art does not fit in the world of fine art, based on our own judgment, or for other reasons as described in the Terms & Conditions. You are responsible for also reading the
Terms & Conditions
and the
Privacy Policy
, and all information on the Order Form page before you submit your order.
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