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This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) sets forth the policies and practices of Nomplex and regarding the use and disclosure of the information we collect from you when you visit or interact with this website, when you are a customer, or when you communicate with us in other ways. The words “Nomplex”, “owner”, or “operator” mean the natural person who is the exclusive owner of this website. The words “” as well as all of its subdomains, “website”, “site”, “we”, “us”, “our”, and “ours” mean and refer to this website that is accessible on the Internet at, and its corresponding service. The words “you”, “your”, “yours”, “subscriber”, or “customer” mean you the natural person who interacts with this website either as a visitor or as a customer, and whether you are acting on your own behalf or on behalf of a company or entity. Your use of the site constitutes your understanding of, and agreement of adhering to, this Privacy Policy.


The term ‘personal information’ is equivalent to the terms ‘personal data’, ‘your information’, or ‘your data’. We process your personal data for administering the specific purpose(s), for which you gave us your personal data. By filling out and submitting an order form, or any other form on our website, you give us your explicit consent to process your data for such purpose(s). For example, if you are a customer, we process your data to provide the service for which you placed the order; or, if you submitted any other form on our website, we process your information for the purpose of the form submission. You may provide your personal information to us in two different capacities: (1) when you are placing an order for our online service to become a customer, or you already are a customer; or, (2) as a non‑customer (for example, if you submit the form on the contact page).
(1) When You Are Placing an Order for Our Online Service,
or You Are Already a Customer
When you fill out the order form for our services, you provide your full name and email address, which are essential in order for us to deliver our service to you.
We collect your full name to establish your identity as our customer; and to ensure that in case of any question about your payment or other purchase‑ or account‑related issue, clarification and resolution can be obtained with precision, and in a sufficient manner. We collect your email address to enable us to coordinate the delivery of our service to you that you ordered, and to send you purchase‑ or account‑related information, as necessary. We may also send you informational emails that are directly related to Nomplex. We will send you other non‑essential types of emails (such as marketing emails) only if you explicitely give us your consent. If you are a customer, you may not opt out of receiving order‑ or account‑related emails; however, you may opt out of, or change, your non‑essential email preferences.
Your payment for our service will be handled by our payment processor(s). When you submit your payment information (such as credit card number, billing address), that information is transmitted and handled by that payment processor. Nomplex does not have access to your credit card information at any point before, during, or after the transaction; and therefore, we will not (and would not be able to) view or store such information.
If we add physical or any other type of products whose fulfillment to you will necessitate additional personal information (such as shipping address or other information), we will also require such information to be submitted at the time of order. However, at any time (even without a physical product), including after placing an order, we reserve the right to require a physical address or other type of information in order to establish your identity if needed.
(2) As a Non‑Customer
When you fill out a form on our website that does not establish you as a customer (such as the contact form), we collect your name in order for us to know who is communicating with us; as well as we collect information that is necessary for us to respond to your inquiry appropriately.
Unsolicited Personal Information and Willingly Providing Information
Please do not send us any personal or personally identifiable information in any communication with us that the corresponding form, or we, do not require for a specific purpose; or information or document that you wish to retain for the future. We will not send back any information or document, and we will not be liable for any information you send to us regardless of whether we have read such information in full, or part, or not at all. We will not be responsible, and can not be held liable, for the possession or misuse of such information. If you submit such information, we may permanently delete or destroy your complete submission or communication at our own discretion, and we do not guarantee for you to receive a response.
If a form on our website requires certain information that you do not want to provide, do not fill out and submit that form. In such case, the corresponding service will be unavailable to you. By submitting a form, you explicitely express your willingness to submitting your personal information, and your consent to all terms and policies relevant to your form submission.


Personally non‑identifiable information means information that this site may collect through the use of ‘cookies’ from anybody who visits the site. A cookie is a small file that a website asks your browser to store on your device when you visit that website in order to remember certain information, such as your language preference, browser and operating system used during the visit, statistics of page views, referral URL, IP address, and others. You may view our
cookie policy
and list of cookies present on the site.
We may collect personally non‑identifiable information, and aggregate such information for us to better understand the site visitors′ interests.


We do not sell or rent your personally identifiable data to third parties. The event in which we may intentionally transfer your personally identifiable information to one or more third parties is in case of a merger or acquisition to which this site or its owner is a party. We may retain your personally non‑identifiable information indefinitely.
We may share your personally identifiable information with third‑party vendors or service providers who perform tasks on our behalf. Such service providers may include, but are not limited to, our payment processing providers, or Google Analytics, or others.
If we believe that your use of the site or any content on the site is harmful to the owner or to the site, or to others, or is unlawful, we reserve the right to disclose your personally identifiable information to appropriate third parties in order to remedy the results of such conduct, or otherwise take action in relation to such conduct, or to prevent further such conduct.
We may disclose your personally identifiable information on the basis of legal obligation, such as complying with law enforcement or fulfilling a court order or other lawfully binding demand; or on the basis of legitimate interest or public interest, such as enforcing any agreement or license with you, protecting the rights or property or safety of the site or its owner or other parties.


We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the legal age. If you are under the legal age, please do not attempt to become a customer, and do not send any personal information about yourself on any of the forms on our website, or by any other means. If we learn that a child under the legal age submitted personal information to us, we will delete that information promptly.


There might be hyperlinks on this site that link to third‑party websites. We are not responsible for, and this Privacy Policy does not apply to, the privacy practices of third‑party websites; furthermore, we do not endorse the privacy practices of third‑party websites. Third‑party websites might collect information from you if you visit those sites. We strongly encourage you to seek out and read the privacy policies of such websites before you decide to engage with them.


We reserve the right to change or amend this Privacy Policy at our discretion at any time without notice. The date of last update is posted on this Privacy Policy; and the updated Privacy Policy takes effect on that date. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may submit such questions on the
Contact form
, specifying your request. Your continued use of the site constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy.
Last updated on March 13, 2020.